Our History


We at Green Rhino of Car Clean Products NZ Ltd are proud of our history of developing, producing, and marketing quality products.

Green Rhino was developed in 2013 by the same company who successfully created Pacer, the leading brand for automotive car grooming chemicals and supplies.



RA Johnstone, one of the companies in this group, was founded by Mr. Alex Johnstone. RA Johnstone is now a well-known company catering to the panel beating industry.


Pacer, the leading brand for automotive car grooming, was founded by Mr. Rob Klouwen.


Mr. Alex Johnstone, founder of RA Johnstone, retires. The company was purchased by Mr. Michael Head.


Mr. Rob Klouwens retired and RA Johnstone purchased Pacer.


Green Rhino, a range of cleaning chemicals targeted for businesses in New Zealand, has been developed.