Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or previously called Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) inform you on how to handle, store and transport hazardous chemicals. It also tells you the different hazards when handling these chemicals and what to do in case of an emergency.

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G1 Enviro Spray & Wipe Multipurpose Cleaner  Download 
G2 Enviro Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner  Download 
G3 Enviro Glass & Mirror Cleaner  Download 
G4 Enviro Neutral Floor Cleaner  Download 
G5 Enviro Degreaser Cleaner  Download 
G6 Enviro Multi Clean Plus  Download
G7 Enviro Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap  Download
Neutral Dishwash Detergent  Download
Lemon Dishwash Detergent  Download
S1 Enviro Liquid Hand Soap  Download
S3 Enviro Kitchen Liquid Hand Soap  Download
S4 Enviro Foaming Hand Soap  Download
S5 Enviro Kitchen Foaming Hand Soap  Download


Fragrance Apple (Pacer)  Download
Fragrance Berrylicious (Pacer)  Download
Fragrance Emerald  Download
Fragrance Musk (Pacer)  Download
Natural Odour Eliminator (Pacer)  Download


Shower Cleaner  Download
Toilet Bowl Cleaner  Download
Toilet Disinfectant Cleaner  Download
Toilet Seat Sanitizer  Download
Urinal / Toilet Cube  Download


Anti-bacterial Hand Gel (Waterless)  Download
Barrier Hand Cream (Pacer)  Download
Foaming Hand Sanitzer  Download
Grit Hand Cleaner (Pacer)  Download
Grit Citrus Liquid Hand Cleaner  Download
Hand Foam Soap  Download
Jasmine Liquid Hand Soap  Download
Kitchen Foam Soap  Download
Kitchen Liquid Hand Soap  Download
Liquid Hand Soap  Download
Pacer Neptune Hand Cleaner - Pump  Download
Pacer Neptune Hand Cleaner - Bag  Download
Vanilla Liquid Soap  Download
Sweet Pea Body & Hair Shampoo  Download


Carpet & Fabric Detergent (By Machine)  Download
Clix Carpet Cleaning Powder  Download
Fabric Cleaning Solution (Pacer)  Download
Malco Fabric Protector  Download
Malco Instant Out Spot & Stain Remover  Download
Malco Leather Conditioner  Download
Malco Leather & Plastic Cleaner  Download
Malco Xtrax Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Aerosol)  Download
Malco Xtrax Fabric Cleaner & Deodorizer (Extraction Machines)  Download
Spot Cleaner (Pacer)  Download
Velour & Fabric Cleaner  Download


Concrete Cleaner  Download
Kitchen Floor Cleaner  Download
Neutral Floor Cleaner  Download


Glass & Mirror Cleaner  Download
Malco Waterspot Remover  Download


Acid Descaler  Download
Auto Dishwash Powder  Download
Auto Dishwasher Detergent  Download
Food Prep Sanitizer  Download
Glassware Pre-soak Powder  Download
Grill & Oven Cleaner  Download
Industrial Auto Dishwasher Detergent  Download
Kitchen Degreaser  Download
Lemon Dishwash Detergent  Download
Multi-purpose Disinfectant Cleaner  Download
Neutral Dishwash Detergent  Download
Rinse & Drying Aid  Download


 Fabric Softener  Download
 Laundry Powder (Pacer)  Download 
 Laundry Powder Heavy Duty (Pacer)  Download 
 Liquid Laundry Detergent  Download 
 Oxygenated Laundry Powder  Download 


Bio-Zyme Convertor Degreaser  Download
Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser (Pacer)  Download
Citrus Cleaner  Download
Commercial Bleach  Download
Cream Scouring Cleanser  Download
Disinfectant Cleaner (Pacer)  Download
Disinfectant Clinical Grade  Download
Industrial Pine Disinfectant  Download
Kitchen Degreaser  Download
Multiclean Plus (Pacer)  Download
Multipurpose Cleaner  Download
Pine Disinfectant Cleaner  Download
Spray & Wipe Cleaner  Download
Super Sparkle Stainless Steel Polish  Download


 Moss Kill  Download
 Mould Breaker  Download


Acetone (Pacer)  Download
General Purpose Thinners (Pacer)  Download
Graffiti Remover (Pacer)  Download
Internal Pipeline Cleaner  Download
Kerosene (Pacer)  Download
Medical Ethanol 75%  Download
Methylated Spirits (Pacer)  Download
Mineral Turpentine (Pacer)  Download
Prepare It (Pacer)  Download
White Spirits (Pacer)  Download


Antifreeze & Coolant (Pacer)  Download
Autosol Metal Polish  Download
Beewild Car Grooming Wax  Download
Brake Clean (Pacer)  Download
Bumper & Tyre Cream (Pacer)  Download
Chemical Toilet Solution (Pacer)  Download
Dri Wash Waterless Car Wash (Pacer)  Download
Engine Degreaser (Pacer)  Download
FC09 Heavy Duty Powerwash (Pacer)  Download
Grapewash Car Wash & Shine (Pacer)  Download
Lizard Breath Iron and Fall Remover (Pacer)  Download
Mag Wheel Cleaner (Pacer)  Download
Malco Enhancer Premium Cream Wax  Download
Malco Flash Liquid Paste Wax  Download
Malco Showroom Shine Spray  Download
Malco Verry Berry Wash ‘N Wax  Download
Multi Purpose Cleaner (Pacer)  Download
Nitro Car Wash & Wax (Pacer)  Download
Pacesol Engine Degreaser (Pacer)  Download
Parts Cleaning Fluid (Pacer)  Download
Presta Ultra 2 Step Finishing Polish  Download
Presta Ultra Cutting Creme  Download
Protect All Silicone Dressing (Pacer)  Download
Restorall Interior Dressing (Pacer)  Download
Silver Wheel Paint (Pacer)  Download
Supa Rip Universal Cleaner Degreaser (Pacer)  Download
Tar and Wax Remover (Pacer)  Download
Truck Wash Heavy Duty (Pacer)  Download
Tyre Dressing Silicone Spray Gloss (Pacer)  Download
Tyre Dressing Non-Silicone (Pacer)  Download
Tyre Paint Satin (Pacer)  Download
Vinyl & Rubber Conditioner (Pacer)  Download
Vision X Windscreen Washer Additive (Pacer)  Download
Vulcanize Tyre Shine (Pacer)  Download
Window Cleaner (Pacer)  Download
X-Press Car Polish (Pacer)  Download